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Vision & Values

Vision & Values


“To be the professional environment solutions provider in the region, adding value to customers & society by leading technology and process innovation”

The above Vision statement articulates the following:

Inspires ABCO to move up the value chain from being an Engineering, Procurement & Construction company to a solutions provider and project management company.

Stimulates ABCO to define its Unique Selling Proposition through its ability to lead technological innovation in the industry and add value to the customers and society through sustainable use of environmental resources.


The following Values embody the views of the group, and will form the basic tenets of ABCO:

  • Excellence : Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company; excellence in reputation
  • Quality : In all aspects of ABCO’s solutions, services and processes.
  • Innovation : Lead and define industry practices and benchmarks; be a pioneer.
  • Respect : Our customers, vendors and employees above all.
  • Honest & Transparent : Honest and transparent in all transactions – internal and external.
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